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Seasonal Mushroom Box Subscription - The Fungi Club x Fat Fox Mushrooms


Grow delicious mushrooms all year!

With the Season Mushroom Box scheme you will explore the wonders of growing a wide range of mushrooms at home throughout the year and help support The Fungi Club's community projects!


The best results when growing mushrooms can often be down to timing and seasonal temperatures. Each species have their own quirks and preferences, and while some are happy to grow for the majority of the year, growing others out of their natural season can result in very slow results and sometimes reduced yields. To achieve best results, we have planned the scheme around the seasons and this means that you will be never be far away from fresh mushroom!


Over the course of the year, this scheme includes 8 deliveries (approximately every 6 weeks) that will have you exploring a diverse range of delights that the fungi kingdom has to offer. From fast fruiting gourmet staples to rare medicinal beauties the seasonal mushroom box is designed to provide an intriguing and insightful journey into this fascinating world with the added bonus of rare and often hard to get ahold of fresh mushrooms.


All the species are either edible and/or medicinal produced by urban mushroom farm Fat Fox Mushrooms and come with easy to follow growing instructions, access to online content and the Fungi Club 'Zine. The 'zine includes recipes, cultivation tips, fungi club updates and cool fungi based experiments to try at home. Our boxes also include surprise extras such as dried mushrooms or branded merchandise, providing opportunities to be the first to try out new and exciting Fat Fox products.


Find instructions for each mushroom growing kit on the Fat Fox Mushrooms website:

Seasonal Mushroom Box Subscription

Price Options
Seasonal Box Scheme
£30.00every 6 weeks until canceled
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