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Lunch and Conversation with Britt Bunyard

29 Apr 2023

The Fungi Club invites you to an intimate lunch and conversation with American mycologist Britt Bunyard at The Love Shack in Bethnal Green, London.

Britt is editor of FUNGI Magazine, the largest mycology publication in North America, and author of several books, including Amanitas of North America (Fungi Press, 2000) and The Lives of Fungi (Princeton, 2022), as well as Director of the Telluride Mushroom Festival. 

Join The Fungi Club for lunch and conversation with Britt and Mike from the London Fungus Network where they’ll discuss the amazing adventure of setting up the largest mushroom festival in the world!

Explore the The Love Shack’s amazing array of fungi inspired themed plates, main courses and mushroomy drinks.

Britt will also be signing his new book  The Lives of Fungi, so bring along you copy!

What: Lunch and conversation with Britt Bunyard

Where: Love Shack, Bethnal Green

When: 29 April 1pm-3pm

Seating is limited so please get in touch ASAP if you’re interesting in joining.


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